“Crooked Trees”

A. Aubrey Bodine created this black and white photograph on Backbone Mountain in Garrett County, Maryland in 1960.  It won both national and international awards.  "Quiet in mood partly because of the subdued tones and partly because of low tension design made of open curves and natural perspective," his work and biography can be further accessed at http://www.AAubreyBodine.com.
"Crooked Trees"
"Crooked Trees" Photograph by A. Aubrey Bodine ©Jennifer B. Bodine Courtesy of A.Aubrey Bodine.com

A Pretty Lady in Pink

Sweet Heart
Pink Lady
The sway or curve of "Sweet Heart's" dress by Royal Doulton shows movement, lightness, femininity that pleases the eye. Small flowers are placed on the bodice of the dress, but it is the dress itself that becomes the flower. (Small child, "Babie".) Collectiion by a friend, a sweet heart.